Rhonda and Sara Wenner are a creative mother-daughter team with a variety of off-the-wall interests. Rhonda is passionate about Hollywood movies from the Golden Age, Ancient Aliens, and home and garden design, while Sara loves crafts, makeup, traveling the world, Dungeons and Dragons and “woo-woo” shit like crystals and magic!

TeeGurls was born to provide a creative outlet for the Wenners as well as the opportunity to share their ideas with a like-minded audience – other than merely their dog, Margot, and cats Bruce and Simone – who hopefully also share their unique sense of humor.

If you have an idea that you would like to see on a shirt, TeeGurls also offers custom designs for individuals, teams and businesses. Contact them at two.tee.gurls@gmail.com for more information.

You can find more designs at Society6 and Etsy. Check us out on Ebay, and follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

And if you want to learn all about the Wenner gurls and what they do, got to wennerprises.com

Feedback is always appreciated! Email Rhonda and Sara at two.tee.gurls@gmail.com.